Like Politics? Try RealClearPolitics!

I am, for better or worse – mostly worse, a political junkie. For whatever reason, I like to bang myself in the head with various political points of view which typically evaporate and mean nothing by the end of the week anyways. Oh well, I’m ephemeral that way.

So if you’re like me and like to get down and dirty in the political game, I suggest you check out


The genius behind RealClearPolitics is that they don’t have a philosophical bent. They are a train station for every single political train that leaves the station. They all end up at RealClearPolitics. It’s a great way to see what the “other side” is thinking, and also a great way to break free from the tribalism of places like OccupyDemocrats or ChicksontheRight. You’ll run across points of view from every major newspaper and media outlet which will, hopefully, broaden your mind. We need that in America, don’t we?

It’s also THE place to go for polling because they will collate the many different polling averages and give you an overall RealClearPolitics average of all of the polling data.

So if you like politics, I highly recommend you check it out. And do read some articles which disagree with your natural presuppositions. It’s a good way to understand different points of view, and it’s also a great way to put to the test your own points of view.

RealClearPolitics. I use it. I encourage you to use it as well.

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