Top Episodes of the Cold War

We’re making a video series on the Cold War in one of my classes: Cold War Episodes, Season 1.  Here’s the outline. How is this for covering the Cold War? Any suggestions?

Episode 1: The Iron Curtain is Coming 

An examination of post-WWII Europe including Churchill’s “Iron Curtain” speech.

Episode 2: Salvation from the Sky 

When access to West Berlin is cut-off, the Allies of WWII jump into action, resulting in the Berlin Airlift.

Episode 3: The Domino Theory 

The U.S. political leadership puts forth a theory of communist domination which must be stopped at all costs. The theory is tested in Korea aVietnam.

Episode 4: The Red Scare 

Senator Joe McCarthy puts a chill up the spine of Americans through his unrelenting exposure of the red threat inside America’s borders.

Episode 5: Mutually Assured Destruction 

An examination of life in the Cold War from the arms race to preparedness on the home front.

Episode 6: The Space Race 

The U.S. and Soviets go to war in space, trying to prove which country is superior.

Episode 7: Disaster at the Bay of Pigs 

The newly elected Kennedy administration decide to attempt a coup against the communist revolutionary Fidel Castro.

Episode 8: Stand-off in Cuba 

For 14 days, the world was on the brink of nuclear war, as the Americans gave the Soviets an ultimatum: remove your missiles from Cuba or else!

Episode 9: Reagan & the Evil Empire 

A look at Reagan’s view of the Soviet Union, his relationship with Gorbachev, and how he helped influence the “tearing down of the wall.”

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