What really happens at drama practice

You might think that drama practice is all about working lines, practicing blocking of scenes, digging in deep into the themes of the piece, and pushing the script further than you had it a week ago.

Well, that’s not really true. Here’s what really goes on.

white board

Yes. Drawing caricatures of the director and actors on the white board. That’s me on the right. I have a really round face but a square head. I was not aware of that. That one in the middle is supposed to be me too, even though I don’t wear glasses or I don’t wear a bow tie. What are these actors smoking?

That’s JP on the left. He’s from Korea and he’s playing the captain of the guard when not posing for whiteboard caricatures. The lady beside him is Yzzy, probably the instigator of all of these drama shenanigans. She’s heading to university next year as a theatre major. Perhaps she should switch to art.

This is the craziness behind the scenes which bring about (eventually) theatre excellence.

Two months more until the world premiere of “The Secrets of the Magic Pool.” Can’t wait!

secrets of magic pool POSTER

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