The Land of the Fr—- Regulated

Will government ever stop?

No. Of course not. It reminds me of the John Stossel documentary a few years back called “Illegal Everything.” A DC councilman was bragging about how active he is in promoting new pieces of regulation. Stossel then asked him a question which made the councilman stair into the headlights like a frightened and unsure deer: “Have you ever repealed any laws?”

There was a shrug and a curt laugh before the reply, “No. I don’t think we’ve ever repealed anything.”

The law code in America has ballooned to unprecedented levels on both the federal and local levels.

The most recent issues I’ve come across has to do with renting. Many communities are banning or strictly prohibiting an owner from renting out a property. There’s rules on the percentage of homes in a community which can be rented. Rules on how many rooms can be rented. How many people can stay in a room. Heck, there’s a regulation in Pittsburgh that prohibits homes from putting a couch on the front porch of a home.

We used Airbnb last year when we were touring in Europe and absolutely loved the service. We got to stay in some beautiful homes and apartments which were wonderful for our family. They were in great locations and improved the quality of our trip in tremendous ways. Airbnb is a revolutionary way to travel and a great way for owners to make a little extra cash – unless you live in certain communities. Some communities are cracking down on rentals for less than 30 days, effectively banning Airbnb from operating.

It’s shameful. We are supposed to live in the land of the free, but “as government expands, freedom contracts.”

It’s a saying that you must ponder this year – a presidential election year. I am always looking for the candidate who will fight for people to live the kind of lives they want to live without interference from the government.

That is, in essence, what the Founding Fathers fought for.

But we are sadly losing it.

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