Hey Belgian Prime Minister, Perhaps a Little Rowdiness is What’s Needed

Supposed “right wing” demonstrators in Belgium defied the authorities in Brussels today and held a demonstration against terrorism in the wake of the Brussels bombing.

ChannelnewsAsia reported this:

“It is highly inappropriate that protesters have disrupted the peaceful reflection at the Bourse (stock exchange). I strongly condemn these disturbances,” Prime Minister Charles Michel said according to Belga news agency.

Brussels Mayor Yvan Mayeur said the group were “scoundrels”.

Let me just add a few things about this incident. The demonstrators may have been “scoundrels” – I have no way to verify this. Perhaps they were rude and crude. Perhaps they stole Belgiun frites from a local vendor. Perhaps they earned the scoundrel title.

On the other hand, perhaps the government term scoundrel means something very different. Perhaps it’s someone who has the gall to go against the government. In that case, I would guess that the suicide bombers would indeed be called scoundrels if not something worse. (I hope the government called them something worse.)

“I strongly condemn these disturbances!”

Me too. Oh wait, he’s talking about the terrorism protesters.

“It is highly inappropriate!”

Oh yeah, once again he’s talking about the protesters who were upset at the bombings.

I honestly don’t know anything about Belgium politics. I spent a few days in Brugges last summer and learned a lot about Belgium fries, Belgium chocolate, and other Belgium delicacies, but I didn’t learn anything about Belgium politics.

But I do have an observation. Perhaps these people needed to protest! Perhaps these people are upset beyond reason at the security gaps which helped lead to these events. Perhaps the government should encourage more people to get angry. Not rowdy. Not disrespectful. But angry. I think anger is an OK response to such an event. Why do only “right wing” people have anger? Do you mean “left-wing” folks don’t have the same passion and angst over such an attack?  Of course that’s nonsense.

And so are these silly little words from the Belgium Prime Minister. Perhaps people are angry because the government is spending too much of its time calling out “inappropriate” demonstrations which are completely appropriate in the light of what happened.

Let people show their anger. Perhaps it might just lead to some much needed change.

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