Thank you society. You are a writing inspiration.

I have found over the last couple years that news and societal issues have turned so corny and interesting that everything that happens seems to be fodder for a new play. I’ve also noticed that in my short play writing (of which I do a lot of) my plays are more and more talking about societal shifts in a rather satirical way. It’s so easy and fun to write this way and there are so many issues to skewer. I would love to, at some point, put together a full-length show, using a series of my society-based dramas.

One of the first plays I wrote along these lines was called “Almighty Might,” about living under an authoritarian government. “GeneRations” was a take off of that theme, related to a government which is learning how to control it’s people. I recently wrote “Safe Spaces” about the issues of having safe spaces on university campuses where people won’t be offended by opposing points of views. I have another one in the works on cupcakes. I can’t wait to write this one. Last year I wrote “A Writer’s Satire” about a new government agency meant to help writers to conform to the prevailing political philosophy.

So first, I want to thank American society for being so weird and unique. You’ve given me great stuff to write about.

The great cultural struggle between the traditionalists and the progressives is a wonder tableau in which a writer can glean some amazingly fun and meaningful insights. I’ve never known how easy satire is to write until I began to apply American cultural progression to my writing practices. Wow, it’s quite easy. I love it.

Keep it up, America. You’re an inspiration.

PS: I especially like to thank our current presidential contenders: Trump, Clinton, Sanders, Cruz. Wow! Great stuff there!

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