Indie Authors: What we have and don’t have.

Here’s what Indie Authors don’t have:

We don’t have a large corporation peering over our shoulders.

We don’t have a lot of resources, other than the explosion of ideas in our heads.

We don’t have a publicist to arrange our events.

We don’t have elaborate offices, vacation homes at Martha’s Vineyard, or an army of well-entrenched book reviewers at all the major papers ready to take on our work.

We don’t have the backing of the publishing establishment.

We don’t have literary agents knocking down our doors, no matter how amazing our stories are.

We don’t have enough time to write, juggling two or three “real jobs” as we follow our passion.

But …

… we do have a few things:

Indie authors have passion. We do it all for the story. We are compelled to do so.

Indie authors do have readers. And they don’t care what imprint is on our spine.

Indie authors do have other careers and families, but it doesn’t stop us from our writing.

We have resilience. A bad review won’t keep us down.

We  have uniqueness, our independence is our strength, allowing us to tell our stories our ways. No formulas here.

So love yourself an indie author and all the passion, creativity, and fierce independence which goes along with it.



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