Getting More Excited about the Release of Novel #5

As I wrote last week, I’m working through my post-edited novel one last time – “Which Half David” releasing on September 15.

The more I read and put the final touches to it, I’m getting more excited about it. Not that I know how it will be received by readers because I absolutely have no idea.

But I’m getting more excited because I can finally say deep within me that this is the story I wanted to tell. It was a difficult story to write because of the setting and subject matter. Lots of sensitive topics and all kinds of things which can be interpreted by different people to be this or that. But all of that doesn’t matter. It’s a story. A work of fiction. It has become what I want to tell, so that’s all I can wish for.

Early on, it was a very different story. I wrote it differently for a variety of reasons, but my beta readers really put me back on the right track, and I’m very grateful for that.

The novel is cleaning up well and it has an interesting, weaving plot that starts at one place, goes to a completely different place and then cruises home to blend to the parts together. I like stories like that. Ones that seem to end but ultimately have meaning which unexpectedly pops up again.

As I’ve been contacting possible reviewers, I’ve put it in the following genres:

Genre — General Fiction – sub-genres: Literary, Crime, Religious, Cross-Cultural, Love Story

That’s kind of all over the place, isn’t it? That’s fairly typical of my writing. It touches on a lot of various themes and has a plot which moves in many directions. That’s the kind of stories I like. Lively with a touch of the unexpected.

I’m currently over the 50% location and hope to have it available for pre-sale in the next two weeks.

September 15 is the date. I can’t wait.

It will be fun and rewarding to have #5 “in the books” so I can focus completely on #6 which is coming quickly on the horizon. And I have big surprises with that one. Can’t wait.

It’s such fun being an indie author. Thanks for your support!


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