10 Reasons You Should Check Out My New Novel

I’m not one to presume what other people will like, but I do think you should give my new novel a try. It’s releasing on Thursday, by the way. Here’s the top reasons why you should put “Which Half David” on your to-read list.

  1. It’s loosely based on the story of King David, the classic tale of the chosen king who fell hard to temptation and the worst kind of devices. It’s a great story.
  2. But my David story is set in Southeast Asia, home of the best food in the world. And great weather. And beautiful people. The only sand is on the beach.
  3. This is a story I’ve been mapping out since 2011. I chose a fictitious island in-between Borneo and the Philippines as its location. It’s called The Republic of Sulu. It’s an awesome place to visit. You’ll get to visit there if you read the story.
  4. You need to know NOTHING about the story of King David to enjoy this story. Its a tremendous mix of adventure, thriller, and psychological drama. It will keep you on your toes and keep you guessing. (I hope.)
  5. If you DO know a lot about the Biblical story of King David, you will especially enjoy guessing along at the symbolism and built-in allegory. There’s much to see and discover concerning David’s story, but it’s not all obvious!
  6. I have never worked harder or longer on a story! The basic story was finished in the summer of 2015, but I worked and worked and edited and revised until it finally got to the point where I was happy with it.
  7. I used more beta readers than ever! And boy, did they help! At one point last spring, I received some feedback that forced me to go re-write the whole thing. I changed MANY aspects of the novel based on the feedback. I told my other beta readers to just stop reading until I sent them updates. All of them agreed, the re-writes made the story much more engaging.
  8. It’s my longest novel ever! It clocks in at just under 100,000 words. You’ll get your money’s worth.
  9. While the Sulu Republic may be fictitious, (though there used to be a Sulu Empire near that location), I have drawn upon my vast knowledge of Southeast Asia to help craft this unique story. What’s on my resume in that regards? I’ve lived in Vietnam for ten years and Malaysia for another ten years. So I hope my experiences help bring the background and people to life.
  10. It’s diverse. It’s got some wonderfully fun courtroom scenes, some sultry seduction, flying bullets and car chases, and some interesting humor.

I’m happy to put my name on the cover, and at the end of the day, that’s all a writer can hope for. Oh, and a few readers.

Which Half David. On Kindle and in Paperback. Tomorrow!

Find it here!

UK here!



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