Happy Election Day!

New Hampshire’s Dixville Notch kicked off the 2016 US Presidential Election by casting their tiny vote for Clinton. Other small precincts in New Hampshire cast their votes for Trump as America settles in for what will likely be a long and interesting day and evening at the polls.

Here in Malaysia, our small school held its own mock election with the popular vote being distributed this way: Trump 43%, Johnson 32%, Clinton 23%

Johnson had a great showing here because the Johnson debate team did such a great job last week at our mock presidential debate.

In about 12 hours, I’ll be settling into a “field trip” with my class, as we will hunker down in front of a TV and watch the returns roll in. Lots of food being made. I whipped up some chili cheese dip. I told everyone we might want to be a in a sugar coma no matter who wins.

What a year it has been, and it’s finally coming to a close.

It looks like Clinton has an edge in the electoral college on the morning of the election, but it’s close. The latest Real Clear Politics averages has Clinton barely winning enough electoral votes with the ultimate swing state being New Hampshire.

What to look for? Of these 5 states, New Hampshire, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania, if Clinton wins any two of these states, she will most likely win the presidency. If Trump wins all but PA, he will be in a good position for a win. If he also wins Pennsylvania, he will have a big night and a major upset.

No matter who wins, I hope there will be no ridicule for those who voted one way or another. We are a pluralistic society. Different points of view are encouraged, and even required for our democracy to thrive. We all have our reasons for doing what we do. Let’s respect them, let’s honor the winner no matter what, and let’s move on. It doesn’t mean the rigorous debate about the make-up of society should end. Of course, it won’t. Nor should it. But let’s hope the discourse turns more towards a respect for all types of diverse points of view.

Settle in and enjoy the day!

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