Facebook Fatigue

I used to love Facebook.

But as I’m sure you’ve noticed, its become toxic.

Why can’t we be friends without discussing politics? Please, add as many cat memes as possible, but is it really the place to be discussing immigration policy?

And yet, I find myself commenting on any number of threads. I cannot not comment. Especially after I sine the inane comments, the misinformation, the outright falsehoods, and the mystifying beliefs which are not based on any facts whatsoever.

Or at least that’s from my own point of view. And everyone else has their own point of view. A billion points of view which are based and shaped by those other billion people turn out to be not so helpful after all.

And so I wonder why I continue to be a Facebook warrior. Why can’t I let people wallow in their own incompetence. I’m sure they let me wallow in mine. Why can’t I let a snide comment go? Why do I have to add to the toxic environment? Why do I insist on mindlessly scrolling through everyone else’s political comments knowing I’ll simply think they are idiots. (as they think the same as me) Why? Why? Why?

The better question is: why don’t I quit Facebook?

I do wish someone would pay me to be a truth warrior on Facebook, countering every false meme and ridiculous comments with obnoxious statements based on fact and actual research. I could spend a year on my own newsfeed countering the misinformation. Anyone want to sponsor me? $50,000 should do it. I will make you proud. I’ll produce quotes, facts, laws, research, history, and common sense to defend those who blast against the decency of truth. I’ll do it. I have a computer and I’m willing to use it.

Facebook has put me on the edge. But I’m not likely to jump anytime soon. I’ll probably keep my scrolling habits in place. Unfortunately.

Facebook fatigue is a real thing. And I live there.


2 responses to “Facebook Fatigue”

  1. I don’t have FACE BOOK..and while I’ll admit there have been times over the years that I’ve missed out on stuff because of it..everyone I know who does have it is tiring of it for the same reasons you describe. (So who’s the genius now..haha!) In all seriousness, as soon as I realized that the after-election relief I was anticipating was not going to materialize, I started cutting out all the noise. I watch about 30 mins of news a day..read the rest. I am as picky about news as I am about my playlist..I just would never expose myself to a continuous diet of music I don’t like. The back and forth arguments are a waste of time..I mean when’s the last time someone said..”Hey, I see your point, thanks!” People are in the mood to fight right now- not discuss or exchange ideas. I hate rudeness, bullying and fighting.. so I took myself out of the “ring.” šŸ˜‰

  2. I was tempted to do facebook for marketing but spent some time watching my two politically warring sisters post and I was exhausted. There are just so many outlets for opinions and it’s so easy to get into stupid fights (even on wordpress). Instagram at least has few words. šŸ™‚

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