Writing Anywhere. No Pen, No Computer Needed.

Writing is one of the most versatile passions anyone can have. To be productive, you need nothing but your brain and a little time.

Paper is helpful at some points.

Of course, a laptop is even more helpful.

But neither of those are needed. No. Not at all, or at least until “eventually” comes around. All you really need to be productive is an active mind and time to let it explore.

Here’s what I mean. I’m currently working on a variety of writing projects including book two of my first trilogy, a Christmas show for 2017, and a variety of other play ideas. But lately, I’ve been swamped and have had no time to actually write. Yes, it’s killing me, because I want to get back to the stories. I want to push them forward. I want to explore where they are going and how everything will piece together in the end. But, life happens. Weekend baseball trip to Bangkok, theatre projects, rehearsals, work requirements, etc… and I’m stuck looking at another day checked off the calendar without a word written.

But it’s all right. Calm down. Everything is not lost because writing is the most flexible of passions. The crucial element of writing is thinking. A writer must ponder, must weigh options, must zigzag around in the mind before the pen ever hits the paper. And that, the pondering, the zigzagging can happen anywhere at anytime. A stray thought during the day can bring a character to mind and make me wonder about what will happen next. A daily happening can lead to new ideas. The other day, one of the readings from my social studies class I teach talked about a certain type of snake. It jolted my memory of something I’ve written in book two of my novel series, and I started to ponder if I could actually use that snake in my story. I thought about throughout the day as I complete many tasks not related to writing. Finally, I concluded that it would be a wonderful idea and can really add to the story.

Now, have I actually added  it to the story yet? No. Like I said. No time. But I have furthered my writing. I do this many times in many different situations. Allowing your writing mind to connect to what you do in every day life is a great way to move things along and be productive  even when you have no time to actually be productive.

So I guess the bottom line is this: write at all times. When possible, use a computer.



4 responses to “Writing Anywhere. No Pen, No Computer Needed.”

  1. Hate to tell you this, but hitting eighty and not saving the thought when it hits, means losing it in the black lagoon of creeping forgetfulness. For some reason getting off my after surgery pain meds set off a huge amount of ideas floating up when trying to get to sleep. Five sleepless nights later, I had new blog posts, letters written to Senators, a detailed plan of a ministry to the homeless, postcards to my great- granddaughter with photos and stories about her ancestors. If I hadn’t gotten up and written them on the computer they would have been long gone. Even writing short notes on bedside note pads doesn’t work often. When I had a long commute to work, I took a voice activated recorder in the car, because driving must be a right brain thing, like cleaning or organizing, because it also was a time when I had my best ideas for new programs or workshops.

    • Voice recordings are a good idea. I need to do more of that. My ideas tend to come like waves. If I miss them the first time, they will come back around. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. great subject! writing longhand brings a welcome different sort of creativity to my writing. for sure, getting good sleep is essential to everything for me 🙂

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