Goodbye, Malaysia. A Memoir in Food Photos

I’m leaving Malaysia for good after eleven wonderful years living in Penang. Though there are people and customs and culture and other things I’ll miss about Malaysia, I thought my Goodbye Post should highlight some of the food items I ate in my last week. I will miss all of this tremendously.

Imagine the fragrance and flavor as you look at these beauties:

Beef Rendang – Indonesian, coconuty, Amazing!
Nyonya – Roti Babi – fried pork sandwich. Yum. Oh, and some greens.
Nyonya Pork Rendang. So different from the beef, but equally delicious.
Sambal Goreng – so unique, prawn, coconut, eggplant, sambal
Thai Long Bean & Pork – tremendous curry sauce on it
Indian! The best butter chicken masala with garlic butter naan.
Dry Curry Mee Noodles. Oh. My. Goodness.
Manchurian Califlower – fried, spicy, crunchy

The terrible thing about these photos (besides I’m not going to be able to eat these foods daily) is that it truly only scratches the surface of Malaysian fare. It’s diverse, flavorful, and dare I some, some of the best food in the world.

Goodbye Penang. Goodbye Malaysia.


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