How does FREE sound? WHICH HALF DAVID – Get the novel now!

For the first time ever, my most recent novel WHICH HALF DAVID is available for FREE on Kindle.  In case you aren’t aware, FREE indicates no exchange of money whatsoever. Consider it a gift. A reading gift for you from me. If you like it, please try another of my books and leave a review for me. That would be excellent use of that FREE book.

Which Half David FREE HERE!

FREE on Amazon UK HERE!

“5 Stars – Redemption at its best … Expect the unexpected in this very unique novel with an unforeseen twist.” – Inspirational Author Dolores Ayotte

 “5 STARS … a spectacular tale …” – Colleen Chesebro, Lit World Interviews
“The action and tension throughout the book was gripping,  and I  found myself dreading the next page but unable to stop turning. Five stars.” – Chris, Christian Indie Book Review

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