The Library of Siena Cathedral

This summer I had my first ever trip to Italy – 14 incredible days of culture, history, and food. I thought I’d share a few highlights from time to time on the old blog.

On our tour of ancient capital of Siena, the magnificent cathedral impressed for architecture and art. What else is new? It’s Italy, after all. Here’s a few shots of what we experienced at the cathedral.

2018-08-02 10.26.11
The Cathedral – opened in early 13th century
2018-08-02 10.42.28
The unique striped design inside the main hall of the cathedral.
2018-08-02 10.43.52
Floor design in main cathedral
2018-08-02 10.49.11
Yes, a famous sculpture.
2018-08-02 10.57.10
Choir book. So cool!
2018-08-02 10.57.27
The vibrant ceiling of the library.
2018-08-02 10.58.07
These library frescoes are original. Never restored. The vibrant colors over seven hundred years old were amazing.

2018-08-02 10.58.31

2018-08-02 10.58.53
The library! These ancient choir books were too amazing to pass up. Anyone up for singing?

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