Christmas in ’45 – The New Novel This Week

An exciting week! October 1! My brand new novel CHRISTMAS IN ’45 releases this Saturday on Amazon Kindle. What about paperback? Well, it slipped out early and is available now.

If you are interested in grabbing a FREE Kindle version of the novel, you have three more days to enter the Goodreads giveaway.

I started writing this novel back in December 2021. It’s a short novel, which came together fairly quickly. I wrapped up the first draft in late February.

What’s it about? It’s a story told from the perspective of a nine-year-old girl, who finds out on Christmas Eve 1944 that her father has been killed in the war. My goal was to create a story which takes the readers through the mind of this girl as she processes this tragic loss over the backdrop of the final year of the war. All her realizations come to a head on Christmas Day in 1945 – the year anniversary of her father’s death.

The three main characters of the story are all female: Roberta, the daughter, Tricia, her mother, and Roberta’s grandmother. It’s a story about Roberta wrestling with the concept of death in different contexts and trying everything she can to discover the truth about what happened to her father.

What are reviewers saying?

“Classic historical fiction … an outstanding book in so many ways.”

“I used a whole box of tissues and still had tears streaming down my face.”

“A simple storyline with a complex and poignant message.”

I’d be honored if you give it a try. Paperback available now. Kindle version on October 1st.

Yes, ice skates play an important role in the story!

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