What more could a writer want?

Every once in a while I receive a review from a reader of one of my works that makes it all worthwhile. What’s the it? The writing process, the production of the book, the maddening and frustating promotion process, the long wait for sales, the doubts and dreams which altenate in my mind … and then comes along a sentence from someone I don’t know that could humble any writer.

When referring to my latest novel Christmas in ’45, a reviewer ends her thoughts with this: “Your life will be changed by spending time with this story.”

Wow. A writer can dream about writing a story which is gripping and entertains, but one that has as impact on someone’s life?

Writing is always an up and down kind of experience. There are many lows. There are many lonely hours starring at words on a screen, fickle words which don’t seem to want to rearrange themselves into the proper order. There are bad reviews from readers who just didn’t connect with the story (and often times didn’t even finish reading it). But along comes a person, who not only connected but also was changed by something you wrote.

It’s enough of an encouragement to fuel the passion of the next several stories I have in my mind. I honestly don’t write for anyone other than myself. I write because I have to. It’s become an integral part of how I process the world. It’s the creative outlet I’ve been searching for for decades. I am compelled to write. My inner being demands it. Even if no one ever read a word I wrote, I would continue writing. But when someone does read and enjoys it to that level, it’s special.

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