About mwsasse

Welcome to the website of playwright, novelist, and theatre enthusiast Mark W Sasse. I hope this is a place where I can creative connections with other writers, producers and lovers of good storytelling.

Me & Lucy. We have the same home.

I’ll be posting stuff about writing, publishing, history, culture, food, travel, and life. I’d love to hear your thoughts as well!

I jumped into the indie author life in December 2012 when I published my first novel, “Beauty Rising”. Since then it’s been non-stop. I’ve published ten novels including the recently released The Forgotten Child Trilogy – a mix of magical realism and adventure and all kinds of crazy stuff. I’ve had many comments about how unique it is. Please check it out!

My latest is my first baseball novel: A Diamond for Her: Myths & Tales of the Winasook Iron Horses. I’m not supposed to have favorites, but this is mine. I’ve never had so much fun writing.

I’m currently working on my 11th novel which is a sequel to A Diamond for Her. Looking at a 2022 release date. I’ll keep you posted.

A little about myself: I’ve spent most of the last two and a half decades living overseas in Vietnam, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia. When in the states, I call Jamestown, NY my home. You should really come check out the brand new National Comedy Center. It’s quite something. I love cooking and baseball – especially my beloved Pittsburgh Pirates. Somebody’s gotta love them. They’ve been around since 1887!

In addition to the novel-writing, I’m also bonkers about drama and musical theatre. I love writing plays and have written and produced more than 15 full-length productions. I’m especially in love with the short play format and have written nearly 100 short plays over the past decade. They are on average about 10 minutes long. I’ve even won some awards for them. I’ve been fortunate to have my plays produced in Sydney, Australia, Kuala Lumpur & Penang Malaysia, Jeddah Saudi Arabia, New York, Columbus, and Oregon. My full-length play “The Last Bastion” also netted me the Greywood Arts Winter Residency Award in 2018. I spent a week writing in Ireland. It was fabulous, of course.

2018-03-30 18.38.49
Here’s the cute little town in Ireland where I wrote two plays in a week.

I’d love to connect with you about writing, producing, and any other related fields.

And if you’re reading my works, I thank you the most.

– Mark (Feb 2021)

Email: mark@mwsasse.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/markwsasse (HERE!)

Twitter: @sassevn

Amazon Author Page: Mark Sasse Amazon Author Page

The writer with the cast and director of my play “The Birth of Technicolor” at the Gallery Players Theatre in Brooklyn 2018.

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