19 Still Felt Right

I was typing away, submitting a book promotion on a certain website where they asked me to enter the year.

My fingers automatically started typing ’19’, and I stopped to ponder what that meant. A year hasn’t started with ’19’ for fifteen years. What in the world is going on? What does that mean when nineteen comes flowing off my fingers easier than 20?

Let’s ponder some of the possible reasons.

This might get painful.

Let’s see, old habits die hard. Maybe.

The ‘1’ is next to the ‘2’ and the ‘9’ is next to the ‘0’ on the keyboard, so perhaps my geography was just a tad west. Probable.

I’m nostalgic. Most definitely.

Or, here it comes, I’m just getting old. Ouch.

Actually, I don’t really believe that. As I get older, ‘old’ as a concept seems to age as well.

I was talking with some students this week, and I was reminded about the time I was in high school. We pondered the year ‘2000’ less than 20 years into the future, and couldn’t image the day when ’19’ would not longer be relevant. I remember thinking that I would be 33 at that time – how preposterous!

Oh, the fleeting whims of youth.

But it’s good to remember how the past shapes us even in the present. It’s good to recall the air we used to breathe in the last century. We are the sum of where we came from. My kids will never have the attachment to ’19’ as I do, but I suppose they will have their own reminders of things which are important to them.

So, keyboard, I do apologize if my fingers slide a little too far to the left at times.

What can I say? I’m a relic of the last millennium.