The Burger Man of Tanjung Bungah

It’s been a while since I ate from the “Burger Man,” so I did it last night. I ordered a chicken burger with everything.

Now the burger man in Tanjung Bungah has been around for more than a generation. He’s been setting up shop in our beachfront town for more than 30 years. I don’t know precisely how long, but way longer than my mere 10 years I’ve been eating from him.

burger 1People line up for his burgers, beef and chicken patties, and his chicken or beef hot dogs because they are unique. It’s not your normal American burger, and actually the meat itself is not the driver of the food. It’s his unique take on the burger which makes it special.

What is his take? First off, red cabbage. He piles high the red cabbage on the grill, mixing it with sauteed onions. It’s a delight to see. He presses the burgers hard on the grill, as he also does with the split hot dogs, getting rid of all the excess moisture. Then when ready, he places an egg mixture on the grill, putting the burger on the egg, and folding the egg around the burger. He plops it on a butter toasted roll, adds the grilled vegetables and sauce, and it’s ready to go.

The burger man of Tanjung Bungah. I wonder if that’s a good name for a novel?

burger 2

I’m Posting this for Myself (Malaysian Food)

Self. Remember these 7 delicious dishes after I leave Malaysia. Here is how I can make them!  Don’t forget. That’s why I put it on my block. Do a simple search to find them and your mouth will be happy once you leave Malaysia.

Don’t forget to try these! Stop eating greasy hamburgers and remember the flavor you once knew. Now. Do it.

7 Typical Malaysian Dishes You Should Learn to Cook.

7 typical Malaysian dishes you should know how to cook

Analysis: This is an excellent list and love every single one of them. The one which has grown on me the most is Nasi Lemak. I could never stomach anchovies until I came to Malaysia. When added as a crunchy snack on top of the fragrant coconut rice, it’s wonderful. Mix a little curry in there as well and oh my!

The Best: In my opinion, the best dish on the list is rendang. I mean, wow! Our school cafeteria makes it from time to time and it is to die for. Yes, I said cafeteria. So flavorful! In Malay cuisine, the beef rendang is the most popular (sometimes chicken) and when the beef is tender, it’s excellent.  In Nyonya cuisine, it’s pork rendang and it’s to die for. There’s a little restaurant near my house called Nyonya Breeze that serves the most amazing pork rendang. I can’t describe it. No words.

Malaysian food is excellent. Varied. Flavorful. Fusion. Fragrant. Wonderful.

Give it a try!