Happy Merdeka, Malaysia!

Fifty-nine years ago today, Malaysia declared its independence from Great Britain. I remember the 50th anniversary like it was yesterday. Where did those nine years go?

But I thank Malaysia for all the wonderful memories during these past eleven years. It’s a truly unique and amazing place. Its diversity sets it apart, which makes all the fusion food second to none!

It’s been my home, so I’m happy to celebrate the day with the thirty million citizens of this unique country. Here are a few photos of my home away from home.



classroom beach 2




Dutch Square - Stadthuys Ethnographic Museum on the right. Christ Church in the background.
Dutch Square – Stadthuys Ethnographic Museum on the right. Christ Church in the background.


Happy Merdeka! Malaysian Independence Day

September 1 marks the 57th anniversary of Malaysian independence. In 1957 Malaysia (which also included Singapore but not East Malaysia at that point) became an independent nation as they broke free from Great Britain’s colonial rule.

I’ve currently working on my ninth year of living in Malaysia. I’ve come to really appreciate this interesting and diverse nation. Here are a few things about Malaysia I especially enjoy:

  • The food. This isn’t the first time on this blog I’ve mentioned that. But really, Malaysian food is incredible, and I live in the Malaysian food heartland here in Penang. So many wonderful cuisines – Malay, Indian, Thai, Chinese, Nyonya, and many other fusion type cuisines.
  • The weather. I can’t really complain about tropical island weather. Sure it gets hot, but the evening breezes help, and the rainy season is quite tolerable. And when it’s hot, clear, and sunny, the water and sunsets are amazing.
  • The people. I’ve met many interesting and gregarious people. There are so many different types of Malaysians, but I’ve found them all to be kind, helpful, and enjoyable to be around.
  • The beautiful sites. Malaysia is blessed with many beautiful beaches, mountains, jungle forests and other breath-taking natural sites. The cities are full of wonderful historical and cultural finds.
  • And did I mention the food!

Happy Birthday Malaysia!

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