Some Reviews Are Worth Posting

As an author, I really appreciate reviews. Any reviews. Yes, even those which are necessarily stellar. But sometimes reviews really give the book that they have read some serious thought. I especially appreciate that.

Here’s the latest review of my novel, The Recluse Storyteller. The review was done by Justine from The YA Lit Chick. Please check it out. Here’s a brief excerpt and you can read the rest at the link below:

“I loved the writing of The Recluse Storyteller. There’s great pacing and an attention to detail that will directly spin the gears of the reader’s imagination. Between the strong emotion and the general excellent storytelling, The Recluse Storyteller is not one to miss.”

Read the entire review HERE!

The Exhaustion of Self-Promotion

Boy, do I need a publicist! An independently wealthy publicist who can spend hours on end promoting my writing just because they have nothing else to do and they are head-over-heels in love with my prose.

So if you know anyone …

As an indie author who has a job and who coaches softball and who teaches and produces drama, I find that I have no time for self-promotion of my works. And so a couple weeks will go by and I realize that I haven’t proactively done anything to get my name out there. It can, at times, be frustrating.

Of course, my very best publicists are my readers. I am eternally grateful for them, especially the ones who enjoyed my novel and passed on the word to someone else. Nothing beats that.

But there is much work to be done.

I’m still advertising on Goodreads with so-so results. But I keep telling myself, results are important at this point. I have to continually get my novel and my name out in front of people. I have to build a big of a base as possible before the release of novel #2. (Which is now about 4 months away!)

But more needs to be done. Today, I finally had some time to contact some more bloggers and review websites. I also need to get some more interviews and do more guest posts. On top of this, I need to look into some additional advertising options now that I have a large amount of reviews on Amazon.  So much to do!

Oh, and besides all of this. I need to write. That is the primary responsibility of a writer, isn’t it?

OK, I’m just ranting today about the lack of time. (and the lack of that uber-rich publicist)

But I keep telling myself – this isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon. I’m in it for the long haul.

I’ve heard it said the the only promotion campaign that doesn’t work is the one that stops. It can never stop. I must keep it moving forward because I believe in my novel and the future works of mine coming down the pike.

So, here I go, pushing forward once again.

It can be exhausting. But it can also be exhilarating. The latter is the one I choose to focus on.


Couldn’t Ask for Anything More.

A recent review of my novel “Beauty Rising” started like this:

“Prior to Beauty Rising I was completely unfamiliar with Mark Sasse’s work.
You can bet I’ll be reading everything of his I can get my hands on now.”

Wow! That’s amazing and exactly what I need if I am to build readership. Even better, the reviewer explained how she came across my book.

“This book was not one I would have normally chosen for myself, but I got it on the recommendation of a friend.”

This is where it happens – on a personal level. One person enjoying a book and spreading the word to someone else. I never would have reached this reader on my own, but through this recommendation, she found a book which she “loved”.

This is very humbling, and exactly what a new indie author needs. Word of mouth.

So, if you have read my book, enjoyed it, and recommended it to another, I can’t thank you enough.

On Review #50

I’ve been real pleased at the number of reviews that my debut novel Beauty Rising has garnered over its first 5 months of release. Just today on Amazon I got my 50th, a very humbling review from someone who said:

“Wonderful! This was the most satisfying book I have read this year, and I read more than one hundred books a year. It had truly believable characters; it portrayed both joy and pathos; and above all, it depicted a great triumph of the human spirit.”

Wow! It’s humbling when someone says something so flattering about my work. I just write what is on my heart, let my imagination take me where it will, and hope readers will connect with it.

And when they do, I’m very grateful.

Today’s a good day to be a writer.