Missed Albums: Hidden Gems That Popped Up

Did you ever buy an album and quickly pass it to the back of your playlist because it didn’t ‘grab you’? I’m sure we all have.

And then did you ever revisit that album and say – ‘whoa, this is a good album, why haven’t I been listening to it’?

I’ve run across a couple albums like that recently that really are some beautiful, complex, mature, and exceptionally pleasing to listen to albums that I either missed the first time around or had quickly dismissed as forgettable. But I was wrong.

First up is Sixpence None the Richer’s 2012 release “Lost in Translation.”  I absolutely loved their early 2000s release “Divine Discontent” – beautiful, thought-provoking and engaging. And Leigh Nash’s voice? Do I need to say more? She has such an amazing ethereal feature to her voice that she sounds like an angel. I’m sure she does. I remember one reviewer once saying of her voice, “She could sing the phone book and I’d buy it. Twice.” I couldn’t agree more. Sixpence took a hiatus or broke-up for a while. They put out a lovely Christmas album in the late 2000s but had completely fallen off my radar since then. Thanks to Amazon Prime, they popped up and I about screamed when I found out that they had a new album two years ago I had never heard of. Well, I added it to my playlist and I am not disappointed. Nash’s voice is as lovely as ever and the songs are beautifully constructed. Please check it out. Excellent stuff!

Now in the realm of albums I actually previously owned but had brushed aside, I have really enjoyed Deas Vail’s “Desire” from 2011 and Sarah Groves’ “Fireflies and Songs”. Both albums have some really beautiful and memorable moments.

So if you are looking for something other than the run-of-the mill, over-produced music that claims the airwaves, here are three that you should check out.

It’s always good to go back and see what you missed!