Socialism? Seriously? I take my cue from my years in Vietnam.

I'm sorry, but I can't take socialism seriously. Blame it on my ten years living in Vietnam when I received a first-hand lesson of what socialism really is and what it really does. And what it doesn't do. The political left in America is giddy with idealistic hope that the dawn of the Democratic Socialist [...]

Don’t trust the word democracy. (aka: the principles of a democracy)

North Korea is officially known as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Don't trust the word democracy. Countries can call themselves what they like but it doesn't change the fact of what they are in real life. I don't know anyone, outside of the North Korean communist party, who would offer the word 'democracy' to [...]

Poor Edward Bellamy

Edward Bellamy was a writer who wrote the Utopian novel 2000-1887: Looking Backward,where Julian West wakes up in a Utopian society in the year 2000 where everyone is equal and everyone is wealthy. A while back I did an essay on the Robber Barons, the ruthless capitalists who ruled America during theĀ GildedĀ Age of the 1900, [...]