My Summer Writing Plans

I have three weeks of busyness ahead of me, and then writing time. Next week is drama week with the debut of my new play, “Grandparents’ War.” Then a few days of review with my students and then exam week. After that, freedom for the summer. And that means writing! Here’s what I currently have on tap:

Writing Task 1: Novel #3 – Can’t wait to pound out another 40,000+ words to finish this novel which remains untitled. It’s completely set in Vietnam during two different time periods – 1945 & 2000. Though I have a feeling the setting might also include Thailand and the USA. I’m about 13,000 words in right now and I’m very excited about it. So many ideas. Just need time! Releasing to the world in 2014.

Writing Task 2: Final edits on novel #2 –¬†The Recluse Storyteller. I’m getting some excellent feedback from advanced readers who are currently helping me with this work. I can’t wait to delve back into this unique story and put the finishing touches on it. Where will this novel take you? ¬†From a 19th century American prairie, to a confusing battle scene in Vietnam, to a terrorist bank robbery, to a touching story about a pair of twins, The Recluse Storyteller is a fun and gripping story about someone trying to reach her neighbors through her stories. I can’t wait to release it. Tentatively scheduled for an early fall 2013 release. Stay tuned.

Writing Task 3: I have 9 dramatic sketches I’m working on for my drama troupe The RLT Players. I have a mini-musical that’s written, but I’m working with a composer to finish some of the music so we can enter it in KL’s Short and Sweet Musical competition. I have another short comedy I wrote called “The Giant Squid that Ate Georgetown” – yes, it’s a little change of pace for me – that I’m planning on entering in Penang’s Short & Sweet Theatre Competition. I have another 7 sketches that I have started to one degree or another. Lot’s of interesting ideas. Will share more later.

I have about two months to complete all of this. I’m so excited about having some extended writing time. I can’t wait to share my new writing with the world.

Thanks for your support everyone. Much more to come. Soon!