Penang Tourism: Tropical Fruit Farm

I finally got around to doing one of those touristy things that locals never seem to do. I took the tour at the Tropical Fruit Farm. It costs around $10, and so I always thought why should I pay that much to look at fruit. Well, this time, someone else was paying so I went. And I really enjoyed it. Now, I recommend it to others. Here’s a few highlights.

The scenery is gorgeous – in the “green zone” on the backside of the island. Here (below) you can see the reservoir and ocean in the background.

2016-01-08 13.59.43

(Below) We happened upon our first fruit tree – pink guava.

2016-01-08 14.06.42

(below) Our energetic and entertaining guide is showing off the rose apples.

2016-01-08 14.12.01

(below) Passion fruit vines.

2016-01-08 14.17.50

(below) What’s this thing called?

2016-01-08 14.23.42

(below) Coffee – robusta

2016-01-08 14.26.20

(below) Pineapple2016-01-08 14.31.41

(below) Here is the luscious smelling cinnamon tree. Scratch and sniff.

2016-01-08 14.35.40

(below) Acai berry.

2016-01-08 14.46.56

(below) You recognize this one, don’t you?2016-01-08 14.51.27-1

(below) Here’s the nutmeg fruit separated from it’s pink outside which is used to make mace.2016-01-08 15.01.26-1

The tour ends with a tropical fruit buffet and smoothie, which is included in the price. It’s a fun, educational, and delicious tour in the gorgeous tropical hillsides of Penang. I recommend it.



A CLOSE(R) Up View of Where I Live

There’s been SO much written about Penang and Malaysia over the last year or two in regards to what a fabulous place to live, retire, and EAT!!!

Most of the articles focus in on Penang Island as a whole but here’s a new one that even gets a much more personal. The author of this article focuses on Tanjung Bungah (Flower Cape!) which is a small community nestled on the beach in between the better known Ferringhi Beach to its west and the heritage city of Georgetown to its east.

But as the article explains, Tanjung Bungah is a really great place to live. The street food is wonderful. The first picture of the man cooking burgers is who we call simply “The Burger Man” – and the Char Kway Teoh (noodle stall) is literally a three minute walk from my house. Yum! A big burger topped with caramelized red cabbage and onions will set you back about 5 RM or a $1.50. The Char kway teoh is around the same price.

I get to enjoy these on a daily basis. Tanjung Bungah is a beautiful and great place to live.

Check out the full article HERE!