Nothing as Bleak as a Writer’s Confidence

I just finished a short 1500 word dramatic sketch entitled “‘No’ in Spite of Itself”. Now I can’t seem to shake those mixed feelings I have about it.

For a while, I had my doubts how effective it was going to be. It’s about a man, standing on the edge of a cliff, having a conversation with his alter ego. A couple days ago, I did a complete read-through envisioning how the characters would be saying their lines and just playing it up in my mind as much as possible. When I finished the read-through, I was excited and thought that this could be an interesting little sketch. So I felt satisfied.

Today I looked at it again and cringed. I’m really not sure if it is going to work the way I envision it. Grrrrr …

Back and forth with myself, once again, like I do all the time.

I keep telling myself to learn to trust my instincts. They’ve been pretty successful for a number of years when putting on various dramas. I’ve had plenty of people look at me strangely when reading through one of my scripts for the first time. I assure them that everything will work out. Trust me. (and then quietly I hope beyond hope that I’m right – , usually, I am.)

Will it work out this time for this particular dramatic sketch? I have no idea. But all I can do is polish it up as best I can and then give it a shot.

Doubt? Yes.

But it won’t stop me from moving forward. A writer who is not moving forward is soon to become a former writer.

I won’t have any of that.


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