It wasn’t anyone’s fault. Not even my own. Through getting a new computer and working through some syncing issues, etc … I lost 1000 words of novel three which I wrote yesterday afternoon.

I’m not sure what I think or feel about this reality. I wasn’t particularly fond of what I had written, but I had a few good ideas and some interesting wording in some spots.

Luckily, the ideas are still with me. I just have to re-write.

It’s that same feeling when you starts a journey in your car and 20 minutes into the trip you realize you forgot something at home and have to turn around and do it all over again. Forty minutes – wasted.

Yesterday I wasted an hour and a half.

But was it really wasted? How much of that 1000 word framework will come through when I re-write. I had actually started going in a new direction with new characters I hadn’t introduced before. So the writing of yesterday has really become a brainstorming session.

That’s  good, isn’t it?

Actually, I can totally visualize the entire scene in my eyes. I know what I want to happen. Now I just have to lay down the right prose.

So I shall choose to put a positive spin on it because a negative spin wouldn’t do any good.

Here we go again.

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