I had a great time being interviewed by the very perceptive Simone Da Coste. She asked some great questions about my novel, The Recluse Storyteller.  Below is an excerpt, and make sure you click over and read the rest. Thanks all!

SD: Could the tragic death of Margaret’s mother have had an effect on her unconventional behaviour leading her to not face the reality of her mother’s death and to fight her inner demons by using storytelling as an escape?  

MS: That’s a good question. Certainly Margaret’s mother’s death had a profound impact upon her. What it seems to have done is to sharpen her senses, making her especially vulnerable to the stories and actions (whether hidden or not) of her neighbours, whom we can assume used to have contact with Margaret’s mother. This makes the storytelling not an escape. In fact, she can’t escape from the stories and the truth in front of her eyes.

SD:  When people think of the word ‘recluse’ and the character Margaret, they will automatically think of someone who is a loner and they would say that Margaret is a hermit who has a vivid imagination rather than someone with discernment or psychic abilities. Would this be a fair assessment of Margaret?

MS: Not at all. Margaret’s neighbours, perhaps, have that perception about Margaret at the beginning of the novel. They all think she is at least a little weird and most probably a little crazy. But there is always more to Margaret than meets the eye and everyone who encounters her certainly finds that out.

Read the entire interview: HERE!

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