Indie Authors: It’s all about the little victories

Indie authors don’t get excited about huge launch parties or six figure book deals.

Indie authors don’t get excited about a hard-working agent that believes in them and shops their books to all the big publishers.

Indie authors don’t get excited about reviews from the New York Times.

Indie authors don’t get excited about the Oprah Book Club or Bill O’Reilly’s tip of the day.

No, for indie authors it’s the little things that matter most.

Remember the first review you got from someone you didn’t know? When The Kindle Book Review published their review for Beauty Rising, I was floating on air for a day thinking I had arrived.

Remember when the 10th person on Goodreads added your book to their shelf?

Remember when you got your first email from a stranger telling you how much they enjoyed your book?

I have even been fortunate enough to have been on the receiving end of a piece of fan art. I mean, how cool is that?

Life as an indie author is hard. No doubt. That’s why the little victories mean so much. This week I had a little victory of sorts. My first novel, Beauty Rising, which was released 15 months ago just received its 100th rating on Goodreads. I’m thrilled.

No matter how many books I sell the rest of my life, be it two or two million, I vow to always remember the little things which are, in fact, not little at all.

I will always appreciate any reader who takes their precious time to read my book when there are millions of other choices. I wall always be grateful for someone who goes out of their way to write a review. I’m sure there are better things to do with their time. It’ means so much!

I will cherish the little victories because it is moments like this that make life worth it all.

You can have your six figure book deal. I’m thrilled to have my 100th rating on Goodreads.


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