Hugging Scrivener

Have you hugged your Scrivener lately?

OK, I had a student catch me in the act of hugging Scrivener. Yes, I do love it that much. Here’s the proof:

hugging scrivenerAnd she happened to catch me with my jersey on to make it all that special.

I have a group of six students who meet with me on Wednesday in a little book club that we have. We are currently reading through “The Recluse Storyteller” together. Each week I’ll do a short oral interpretation on one of the passages from the week, and then I usually pick a topic of interest to discuss with these rambunctious young writers.

Today’s topic was the amazing writer’s program called Scrivener. I told them that when they get serious about their writing to purchase it right away, and they shall never regret it.

We then wrote a sample novel that considered of three chapters, about 25 total words, and an impossibly absurd title which I absolutely loved – so much so that I think I shall write a short play with that title.

Anyways, I showed them the virtues of Scrivener on the big screen and had to give it a little hug to emphasis how much I don’t miss WORD or GOOGLE DOCS.

Just another crazy fun day at book club.



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