Don’t Be Fooled: An iPAD is just a Gadget

I’ve had my iPAD now for more than two years, and I finally feel the need to pass judgment on it.

Is it the super-cool device to stay connected and get things done in the modern world or is it just another distracting gadget?  Would it fall somewhere in the middle of those extremes? Perhaps.

An iPAD is great for the following: staying connected when travelling, quick email and social media, good in the kitchen when cooking for either recipes or music; it’s a good reading device; it’s a great device for cloud based video, and, of course, the best app in the world is MLB At Bat – every game live and portable at my command. It’s awesome.

What an iPAD is not is a serious device. It’s a poor substitute for a Windows based system for trying to get serious work done. I can’t believe I just said something nice about Windows since Windows 8 irritates me to no end!

But there you have it. I refuse to do anything remotely productive on my iPAD. It is a cool gadget, but nothing more.

Every time I want to do some real work, I’m on my PC and thankful for Microsoft, Adobe, and other software producers.

Easy layout designs for flyers, posters and the like? Microsoft Publisher

For research papers and formatting? MS WORD is still the best (though its an annoying overachiever) – try writing a proper paper with MLA formatting on an iPAD. Yuck!

Photo editing and creative design? Try beating the Adobe products.

Audio editing? I love Audacity.

Video editing? I’ve been a fan of Pinnacle for the last 10 years.

And lastly, and most importantly, WRITING.

Would anyone ever think of serious writing on an iPAD? Certainly not. Scrivener for Windows is heavenly.

I’m actually teaching at a school which has a 1:1 iPAD program for all high school students. It’s handy for them to have that device for class, but I can’t tell you how many times it has limited what we can do because we don’t have a Windows based device.

Perhaps it’s not surprising that the powers which be are re-considering our device of choice. Good move.

The iPAD is a weekend gadget, not a weekday device for work.


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