Boardwalk Melody: What the actors are saying. (Part 1)

A month from now, my brand-new musical that I wrote with my students will be debuting at the Penang Performing Arts Centre for three shows.

We’ve been rehearsing hard since January, and now we’ll be kicking it up a notch to get ready for the show. I am extremely excited about it and very proud of what my young actors are putting together. I asked them this week what they thought the audience would enjoy about the performance. Here’s what some of them said:

“Feel-good vibes that come with a message; we highlight the necessity for rethinking the social perception of equality that really isn’t all that equal.”

“The audience will love the energy, suspense and romance from our production.”

“The audience will like the dancing and singing involved in this production because it is once in a few years where a musical production is made. They will also like the love connections happening all at once.”

“I think the audience will enjoy the dialogue because some of it is funny.”

“The audience will enjoy the various styles of dance routines, along with the humor that certain characters bring to the plot.”

“The humorous scenes and the touching scenes that reflect our lives.”

“The music, the humor, and (hopefully) the acting.”

“I’m sure the audience is looking forward to watching the dance routines and listening to the music.”


Tickets are on sale now at the penangpac box office. If you are going to be in town, please come check it out. May 23-24.

boardwalk melody flyer 1



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