Go Boldly! Go Indie!

OK, indie authors. Time for a pep talk.

Have you had a rough review lately? Shake it off!

Have you been struggling to find time to write? It will come!

Have you been upset by your lack of sales? Persevere!

Have you found it more difficult in a crowded marketplace to stand out? Don’t give up!

Go boldly!

You are proud. You are indie. You have …

… a passion to write.

… a passion to improve.

… a passion to engage an eager readership.

The future is yours, but you mustn’t take this task lightly. Many obstacles stand in your way. The work ahead of you is great. The disappointments will be frequent. The rewards may be small.

But as you chip away towards story perfection, your perseverance will not go unnoticed. Your commitment to your craft will reward you one day. And always remember, there are more rewards than just monetary.

Write boldly.

Write honestly.

Write authentically about this fragile existence we call life.

You have so many stories to tell. And the world is waiting.

Go boldly! Go indie!



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