Stage Painting: Day 1

Well, I got a crazy idea (and now my back is scolding me for it). Let’s paint the stage for our new show “Boardwalk Melody.” After all, it needs to have a boardwalk, right?

So today we started painting and designing it. Now I must say, I take no artistic credit for anything we are doing. I have a wonderful artist who knows what she is doing. I just follow orders. Here’s what the procedure looked like so far.

The taping is started. That’s my roller there.
2014-05-18 11.00.03 Taking better shape. Isn’t my painting job amazing?2014-05-18 11.51.51Sandy color up front finished. Just put a coat of primer over the boardwalk area.
2014-05-18 14.55.49 Now we get to peel off the tape. It looks fun, but it is tedious because the cheap stuff kept breaking. 2014-05-18 15.43.40The boardwalk taking shape. At least my toe thinks so.
2014-05-18 15.51.59 Those people actually know what they are doing.2014-05-18 16.01.14 Almost done for the day. 2014-05-18 16.06.46We finished by putting a light brown coat over the boardwalk.

Tomorrow we come back with a group of young artists to put the texture and finishing touches on it.

I’ll post the finished product later.

Show opens on Friday @ Penang Performing Arts Centre.

boardwalk melody flyer 1


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