Is this the solution to the “obesity vs. freedom” problem?

I saw this vending machine on a Malaysian school campus.2014-05-06 15.18.45And I thought, perhaps this is the brilliant solution everyone has been looking for. Isn’t this a win-win for everyone?

The people who spout slogans about freedom and rugged individualism cannot make the argument that schools have no business banning vending machines on campus because they obviously haven’t banned them. There it is in plain view for everyone to see. A clear victory for liberty.

But it is also a victory for the overly protective government who wants the nanny state to take care of everyone’s needs – including their BMI. The harmless mechanized sugar machine is surrounded by a jail cell and a sturdy padlock, sending off signals that the food police are close at hand and that sugary beverages and snacks should be illegal. Or perhaps it’s a metaphor for being trapped in an overweight body if one should happen to partake of these certain snacks. It sends a clear message that sugary items should not be allowed on our school campuses.

I think it is a wonderful solution. Everyone should be happy.

Except the vending guy. Hmmm. What’s he get out of this?


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