Stage Painting: Day 2 (4 days till showtime!)

After backbreaking painting the day before, we (and I still mean all the real artists who know what they are doing) finished our stage for Boardwalk Melody: An Original Musical. Here’s what we did:

This is where we finished the day before. A light brown paint over the boardwalk.2014-05-19 11.01.20 Then came texture on the boards. (and a really cool starfish)2014-05-19 13.37.04 Working hard to finish.2014-05-19 13.37.29 Starting the final outlining.2014-05-19 14.51.13 And then – the finished product!2014-05-19 16.51.09 From the seating.2014-05-19 16.51.48I’m very excited to get this going. Set goes up on Wed evening, two dress rehearsals on Thursday, and then the show opens Friday night.

Can’t wait!

boardwalk melody flyer 1



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