I was excited about the release of both of my first two novels, but with my third novel on the horizon, I’m a little more excited than usual.


I guess it is because of the story and the back story of writing it. I was living in Thai Nguyen Vietnam (where much of the story takes place) and I remember sitting down one day to start my first novel.  I had a basic concept in mind and a particular scene that I wanted to write (yes, this scene is in the novel now). I wrote a few paragraphs and became disgusted that I couldn’t write anymore. I felt inadequate and uninspired.

From that point it took me ten years to finally finish my first novel in 2011, and that novel was not the one I started in 2001. But now, The Reach of the Banyan Tree, IS that novel. I did it. It took my 12 years but I finally wrote the novel I always wanted to write.

Now it is only one month away from releasing, so, naturally, I am very excited.

In June I’ll be high-lighting some of the unique characters, settings, and places which make this novel special. (at least I think so)

I hope many readers will enjoy it.

My last great Vietnam novel. Only 30 more days!




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