Another Scrivener convert. I should get commission.

I was standing outside the theatre doors, greeting the crowd at the world premiere opening of my musical last week when one of my writer friends attacked me with a firm handshake.

“I took your advice about Scrivener, and, wow, it’s fantastic. Thank you so much.”

It’s easy to proselytize something you are passionate about, and when it comes to writing, nothing gets me smiling more than Scrivener.

I really should get commission, okay Literature and Latte?

I have yet to hear a writer say, “I’ve tried Scrivener, and I’m sorry, but I still prefer Microsoft WORD.”

Yeah, like that would ever happen. Here’s a snippet from the Scrivener binder of my new novel, The Reach of the Banyan Tree. It gives a sneak peek of my chapter titles:

snip scrivener

And, if you aren’t familiar with Scrivener, you can manipulate and work on each of these chapters individually from each other or you can put them all together in one big manuscript. It’s awesome.

And look at those amazing partial chapter titles. Aren’t they intriguing?  You’ll get a chance to buy it in less than a month!

But for now, pick up a copy of Scrivener. If you are a writer, it will be the best $40 you ever spend.

And Literature and Latte, if you want to send me commission, in-box me. We can talk.


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