Overtaking my own novel

Put this in the every increasing fat file folder called “I still don’t know what I’m doing as an indie author.”

Release dates for novels. What’s really the best? Here’s the spacing of my three novels:

December 2012

October 2013

July 2014

Is that good spacing? Bad spacing? Could have it been improved? Could it have been worse? I get the feeling that the answer to all of those questions is “yes”.

Here’s the issue: I still feel that The Recluse Storyteller still has legs to it. Actually, so does Beauty Rising. My best sales month with BR was several months after The Recluse was released – about 14 months from its original release. The Recluse hasn’t reach the levels of BR as of yet, but it has been only been 8 months. So it is wise to release The Reach of the Banyan Tree so close?

I keep hearing over and over from other authors that the thing to do is write because multiple books will help sell each other. If that’s true, and I’ve seen it a little between my first two, then the more I release the better, right?

What has been nice is that I am building up a group of bloggers who have enjoyed my first two works and so eagerly wanted to read my third – even if they were swamped with other requests.

So as most of my promotional tactics shift to my new release, I may actually be over-taking my own novels. However, I hope to win readers who will want to read all of my works. So the journey continues.


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