Chris, at TheStoryReadingApe was kind enough to publish a guest article I wrote as a promo for my new novel. I focused in the banyan tree and what I learned about it when I lived in Vietnam. Here’s the beginning of my article, but please click the link below and go over to his great website for the rest! Thanks!

Before I moved to Vietnam in 1994, I wasn’t familiar with the banyan tree – but what a unique and amazing tree it is. A banyan tree can be described more as a root system rather than a single tree with a single trunk. The roots of a banyan tree grow up from every direction and expand out in remarkable ways – the far reach of a banyan tree is tremendous. The limbs become so long that they sag to the ground and then continue right on growing into the sky again. More recently, I learned that the original root structure of a banyan tree dies when the new roots grow out around it.

Right around the year 2001, I visited the historical site of Tan Trao, which was Ho Chi Minh’s Viet Minh resistance headquarters in the mountains of northern Vietnam during World War II. The Viet Minh successfully cozied up with the Allies in an effort to help the war effort against the Japanese. Their ulterior motive, however, was trying to win western support for their independence movement, in order to throw off the shackles of French colonial rule. Ultimately, it didn’t work, as WWII led to the French-Indochina War which led to the Vietnam War.

Read the entire post HERE!

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