Even at Sunset …

I frequently marvel at humankind’s feeble attempts to match the unsurpassed beauty and power of nature.

It’s usually light which tends to take my focus in this regard because natural light, and its pervasive dives into the remotest of corners of the earth becomes luminous beyond even our greatest attempts at replication.

Even at sunset …

Example. Think of man’s greatest and brightest achievement of light. A sports stadium is a marvel with its towers of piercingly bright lights, allowing games to be played without the aid of any natural light. But the lights of a sport stadium quickly become dim and cannot even illuminate the immediate area outside a stadium.

Our brightest headlights shine only a matter of feet.

Spotlights create intense pockets of light on a stage which pierce the darkness in two, yet have no width to them.

But have you ever considered nature’s weakest moments of light outside of nighttime.

Consider the sunset.

I watched the dusk take over the island where I live on an evening with no sun at all – cloud coverings hung everywhere in the sky – and yet the brightness of the sunset was magnificent.

Nature’s weakest link lit up the expanse of the sea for miles, from east to west, from shore to horizon. The coastline, the hills, the zig-zagged roads, the jungle forest – all were affected by this weakest of moments – this short time before darkness.

This dimmest scene lit up an area that a thousand stadiums lined back to back couldn’t muster. We could never emulate that which the natural world gives freely day by day.

The dimmest natural light is more awe-inspiring than anything humankind can produce.

The next time the sun slips below the horizon, look at its mighty remaining remnants and see how the light still commands our attention even as it fads to darkness.

If that doesn’t put you in your place, perhaps nothing could ever dethrone you.


1 thought on “Even at Sunset …

  1. I agree completely. I live in California and watching the sunset near the ocean is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed before. It never gets old and is always so unique.

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