I was super excited to find out yesterday that my short play, “A Pinch of Fate, A Shot of Destiny”, was chosen by a director to be produced as part of the Short & Sweet Theatre Festival Sydney 2015.

It’s billed as the largest short-play festival in the world. This is very exciting for me to see one of my plays make the big time! (so to speak)

“A Pinch of Fate, A Shot of Destiny” is already an award-winning script. It was chosen as Best Script in the Short & Sweet Theatre Festival Penang 2014 just last month. In addition, my drama group, The RLT Players, will be performing it at penangpac in November. So now it’s getting quite the legs!

The story revolves around the Grim Reaper showing up to take Rebecca who is about to be hit by an on-coming bus. However, Mitch unexpectedly shows up and foils all of the Grim Reaper’s plans. It’s funny, clever, and a little sweet. We are having a lot of fun putting it together for November, so I hope the Sydney crew will have just as much.

So in the meantime, I’m happy to see my plays going international. Now if I could only get there to see it. That’s going to be a problem.

Short & Sweet Sydney 2015


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