I’ve been on break this past week and what a gift it has been. I’ve had substantial time to write, enabling me to get a fair chunk of novel five written in my Scrivener. I also wrote a short play and dabbled in a few other projects I’m working on.

But as my precious break comes to an end, it’s going to be all drama from here. I have my new show I wrote for my group of young amazing actors – The RLT Players – and it’s coming up quickly. What’s it take to put on a great show? A lot of time and cooperation. Here’s a brief run-down of what will be keeping me busy:

Oct 27 – full rehearsal followed by photo-shoot Oct 30,31, Nov 1 – more rehearsals

Nov 3, Nov 5 – rehearsals

Nov 8 All Day Rehearsal

Nov 10, Nov 12 rehearsals

Nov 15 All day rehearsal

Nov 18 Stage Painting

Nov 19 Lighting design and set-up at theatre

Nov 20 Afternoon dress rehearsal – Evening Preview Performance

Nov 21 Evening performance

Nov 22 3pm and 8pm performances

All of that is focused on the acting and performances. What else do I need to do?

Ticket sales: We must cover our costs, so I’ll be running lots of promotions starting this week.

Design: I’ll take the photos from the photoshoot and create a display board for all nine of the skits we will be performing.

Programs: Can’t forget about the programs. Need to be designed and printed.

Cue: Cue sheets. The dreaded cue sheets. Must be created for both sound and lighting.

Front of House: Must find some people to take tickets and usher.

Sound FX: need to find and edit appropriate sound effects

Music: Must choose and edit music for before, during, and after the show

Hmmm. Is that it?

And this is all on top of my normal teaching job. No worries!

“The RLT Players present: For All Generations” – Nov 20-22 @ penang performing arts centre.



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