It was my wife that put me on to this one. One of her pet peeves is when authors only used numbers to differentiate between chapters. That is … Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, etc … As she says, it’s extremely boring and not very useful. She loves it when authors take the time to title their chapters – it’s like a mini-story inside a big story, and oftentimes the chapter name has great meaning after the chapter is read.

So on her advice, I’ve become a fan of titling chapters, and I must admit – it’s rather fun. Here are the first ten chapter titles of my yet to be released fourth novel:

Chapter 1: Anniversary Gifts

Chapter 2: A Walk through the Park

Chapter 3: A Trial and a Gift

Chapter 4: Independence Day

Chapter 5: Jonny Saves the Village

Chapter 6: After Dinner

Chapter 7: Pressure

Chapter 8: Rest

Chapter 9: Responding at the Gate

Chapter 10: Night Raid

Isn’t that far superior than Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc …?

I’m completely sold on the idea and probably will never turn back. It gives the reader’s a little nugget to chew on even before they delve into the chapter. It never gives anything away, though it may be even more meaningful once the chapter is read.

So those of you who do not name your chapters, please continue in your regular practice. I’d like to make it as rare as possible, so my chapter titles will stand out even more.

What do you think?



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