8:30 Arrive. Set-up and arrange microphones, drama cubes, and props into their proper place.

9:00 The director (me) throws a curve at all the actors and redoes the last piece without warning. We relearn movement, pacing, and timing to match perfectly with the choreographed dancing and music. After about the 4th run-through, they get it. It’s much improved.

9:45 Two actors want to re-write the between sketch transitions. I fully allow them to do this as I go over new sound cues with the tech team.

10:15 Mic check

10:30 The fun begins – the first run-through. A few hiccups and an hour and forty minutes later, we emerge from darkness with a few bumps to iron out, but one step closer to opening night.

12:30 Lunch. I walk across the street for a thick bowl of butter chicken masala and a garlic, butter nan. And can’t forget the delicious teh ais.

1:30 Debrief. Run through “God’s One Question” one more time to nail timing and movement. Ready.

2:00 Final run-through. We have a tighter performance and shave a few minutes off the running time. That’s always a good thing.

4:00 Debrief and talk through the hectic week ahead of us.

5:00 Go home and collapse.

Three months of rehearsals are finished. We are ready to release our new show to the world.

As usual, I’m excited and nervous. What will the audience think? They rarely think what I expect. Either way, we gave it our all. Let the games begin.

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