Only a couple more days until opening night of the new show I’ve written. I had previously highlighted the first 6 dramatic sketches and here are the other four.
sketch fact sheets a woman at war“A Woman at War” is a WWII historical mini-musical which focuses on a woman, Sarah, saying goodbye to her new husband on the home front, and doing what she can to support the war effort while missing her love. I wrote the lyrics and book and created the melodies to go with it. I then gave the piece to my school’s music teacher, Laura Danneker, who took the melodies and composed the rest of the music along with the performance track. I really love this piece. It’s separated in three acts: The Wedding (and goodbye), The War (on the home front plus Johnny on the battlefield where he gets injured), The Homecoming (when Sarah realizes that Johnny comes home a different man). I won’t give away the ending, but it is emotionally powerful. This was originally performed in the Short & Sweet Musical Festival KL in September this year. I’m happy to be producing it for our show. It’s our opening piece, which gut-punches the audience right off the bat. Good stuff.

sketch fact sheets Pinch of Fate

This is a fun piece which won Best Script in the Short & Sweet Theatre Penang 2014 and will be performed as part of Short & Sweet Theatre Sydney in 2015. I’m happy to be producing it for our show as well. The narrator (call her the Grim Reaper if you like) comes to get Rebecca who is scheduled to be flattened by a car today. But Mitch, who is running late, changes his routine and ends up saving her, thus creating a chain reaction of coincidences which bring Mitch and Rebecca into an improbable love relationship. The narrator keeps changing the storyline in order to get back at them, but, let’s face it, the Grim Reaper is just having an off-day. Who can change fate and destiny?

gods one questionA person ends up at the Pearly Gates of Heaven and meets God. The person thinks she knows what God wants to ask her: “Why should I let you into heaven?” And so the person goes through the four possible answers for this question only to find out that all of the answers are wrong. As the person panics, trying to figure out what to do, she realizes that that wasn’t God’s question after all. I wrote this as a way to pose questions, stir theological debate, and show a simple expression of what might it be like to stand at Heaven’s Gates. It’s a fun and poignant piece. Quite emotional at the end. I like it.

sketch fact sheets what was it like

The last piece of the evening, “What was it like”, is not a play, but a seven stanza nostalgic look at the past, recalled through various lines of prose and simple acting. My choreographer also added a beautiful dance which compliments the piece and Hui Min Tang wrote a beautifully rich piano piece which perfectly sets the mood. The actors ask questions like, “What was it like to hear that the president was shot?” “What was it like to type your college papers on a typewriter?” “What was it like to sit shirtless on the back of a gray-haired water buffalo?” “What was it like …” It ends with them stating, “If you haven’t asked these questions of your parents, grandparents, or other elderly people in your life, do it today before it’s too late. Because we are who we were.”

Lights down.

Then end.




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