I’ve finally reached this point. It’s been a long ride. I started writing the script which would eventually become “For All Generations” this past spring. Finished it in the late summer and went straight to rehearsing in mid-August.Three months later we are on the brink of opening night.

Jitters? For sure! I’m never sure who an audience will like a show.

Worried? Of course. Will all the tech work properly? Will all the actors nail the performance? Will enough people come to cover our expenses?

Excited? Very. While I’m nervous, I can’t wait for the audience to see these amazing actors and how they put their heart and soul into the material, adding life and creativity to the script.

When the lights come on and the music starts, everything will be left on the stage. All the laughter, trials, frustrating, and work comes to a culmination. I am sure of one thing, whatever happens, I am extremely proud of this group of 11 actors.

I’m not sure what other schools do for drama, but I do think what we do is fairly unique. I love it, and I hope you do to.

I hope to all who are in Penang this weekend will come out and enjoy this unique show.

Tonight it all begins!!! Break a leg.promo for emails


Our stage after many ours of prep work.2014-11-19 20.55.25 2014-11-19 20.56.21 2014-11-19 20.57.59

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