It’s one thing to write a novel and press the publication button, sending it out into the reader-sphere to be met with an audience of critics.

But it is entirely another thing to sit back at opening night of the play you have written and watch talented young actors bring it to life, to see the delighted faces of the audience, clinging on every work, to see the smiles and laughter, to see the tilted heads and curled-up emotional responses when a poignant scene draws a tear.

As writer and director, I had the privilege of witnessing such a scene last night as my new show “For All Generations” hit the stage for the first time. I was literally exhausted after the show. It’s like it was my heart and my body out on that stage, soaking in the eyes, the smiles and applause.

This beats the release of a novel any day.

I am always curiously interested in audience response because it can rarely be predicted. As an actor stated to me, we become so accustomed to the script that we forget that the audience may even laugh at it when performed, so it is easy to be caught off guard when a long overlooked phrase entices a cacophony of cackles and giggles.

Comedy is great, but I’m especially pleased when the audience connects with a serious piece which makes them cry and think. I saw plenty of that last night.

Overall, it was an amazing opening night, performed by an amazing group of actors. I am so proud of what they accomplished and I can’t wait to see it three more times this weekend.

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