Is Writing Your Priority?

I ran into this question recently: Is writing my priority?

I spend a lot of time on social media, trying to promote and connect the best way possible. I also spend time writing blog posts and mulling over new ideas. But what about writing? I don’t mean revising or editing or anything like that. I mean writing – creating – putting the metaphorical pen to paper and laying down some serious words which have never been strung together before in the English language? As a writer, shouldn’t writing be the top priority over all other tasks?

As I went into my holiday break and my three weeks of vacation, I answered ‘yes’ to that question. A resounding yes.

Writing new works is even more important that working on an unreleased work, or at least that’s how I prioritized my three weeks of writing time. My fourth novel lies dormant at the moment. It’s finished. Of course, it needs more revision and a final editing stage before it’s ready to be an ARC. I had planned on working on the third revision over break, but it hit me one day, why not push it back a month so I can write something new while I have a lot of free time.

With that new thought bursting forth from me, I have been furiously writing novel number 5, somewhat of a darker, different novel for me in some ways, but once again I have been drawn into my story, and the characters are yearning for me to continue; they are waiting to discover their fate.

By  prioritizing writing over revising, I will then have 2015 to work revisions and releases for two books instead of one (though it’s entirely possible that novel 5 won’t be seen until early 2016.)

I’ve found it’s important to push the creativity out once it’s flowing, so I best get back to it.

Remember: writing is an author’s main priority. If you ever ask what you should be doing, writing is never the wrong answer.

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